Grateful Homeowner returns home to two loved doggies, fires lit, soup on and detailed handover

We recently went away leaving our two loved doggies and 15 chickens with
Harry (Highlander) our wonderful housesitter.

We came home to discover that in our absence the snow had fallen out of the sky, it had plummeted temperatures to sub zero and on top of it all we had hoped to have finished reasonably large building projects which had left pile of mud for as far as the eye could see.

We returned home to Harry who lit the fires, put a pot of soup on and ran through a detailed handover before leaving us to unpack and land back at home.

It was wonderful knowing that all would be taken care of so well while we were away. I have no hesitation recomending Harry or his lovely wife Jill who we met as well but did not house sit as she had
work commitments.

Rachael and Anna, username liefie, Rura: Laggan, Crookwell NSW