Semi-retired House Sitters escape the Hurricane season and, satisfy their Travel Bug with rent free accommodation throughout Europe, and make good Friends along the way.

House Sitters: username Cruzans
Happy to say we're now in Spain to soon start a sit in Barcelona, then several in England and one in Zurich. Looking forward to an interesting summer.


Great news about the housesits. It is always good to hear stories like yours. What are you main reasonse for housesitting? Where are you from?

We have the flexibility but not the funds to travel as we´d like.

Housesitting allows us to get basically free accommodation, and we have made some good friends along the way. We have sat in Portugal, France, Belgium, England, Wales, Scotland, Canada, US, and now Spain. We have excellent references, and pride ourselves on leaving a place better than we found it. My husband is a true Jack-of-all-trades, so enjoys fixing little things the owners often don´t notice till later.

We live in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Yes, I know........why would we want to leave paradise??? We are sometimes torn, enjoying our small condo overlooking the Caribbean, but the travel bug bites, plus we´ve done our share of hurricanes so prefer to be away during those months. We usually leave early May, return in November after visiting kids / grandkids in the US.

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