House Sitter Freedom7ssanz finds accommodation to be nearer to her family

Freedom7ssanz I met with new people in a strange city - and I was totally relaxed, and assured of their genuineness, because they are registered homeowners with! We hit it off, their pets are adorable, and I now have my first official housesit engagement through your excellent service. Thank you so much!

Great news about the house sit. Where is the housesit? Out of interest what is your main reason/s for housesitting?and where are you from?
I am in the housesit in Sydney's lower North Shore and still enjoying it. It was the first time my homeowners had used your site, and they interviewed someone else as well as me. I am housesitting because I am homeless, on a government pension, and in need of accommodation. I am on my way to achieving continuous accommodation, with the help of your website, although I do have a gap after this one and before my next one, which my family may or may not be able to fill for me. I have been living in the Far North Coast of NSW for over a decade, and have moved down here to the Sydney area to be nearer to most of my family. Ideally, I would love to have four or five long-term housesits throughout the year, Sydney in the warmer months, up north (maybe even Queensland) in the winter, with only short breaks of a week or so in between. I am on my way to that, I'm sure!

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