Wanderbird takes a break from Queen Charlotte Islands to look after your home and pets for the opportunity to explore

I wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure being a part of Housecarers. I live on a small island (Queen Charlotte Islands) about 100 kms of the northwest coast of British Columbia tucked under Alaska and as beautiful as it is I need to get off the island occasionally. I housesit twice a year for several months each time and I love the opportunity housesitting offers to spend the time to learn about the culture and people of the area I am visiting with these extended housesits. I have never had a problem with a housesit(and to my knowledge no one has had a problem with me)from your site and I have several repeat clients. I do due diligence as do my homeowners so there are rarely any surprises. Thanks for the service and your great customer service! Smiles Carolyn (Wanderbird)
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