Bellingham WA homeowner finds it a breeze to find someone to look after beautiful, furnished cottage overlooking the bay in a very quiet neighborhood close to hiking trails and Fairhaven district

I am writing to thank you for your wonderful web site, and to say that it made it a breeze to find someone compatible for our home. I will definitively reuse the site in the future as we travel often. Best, Anne G...(2catsandagarden)

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Housesitting Widow Lona escapes the Calgery Alberta Cold winter (..brrrrrrrr) to Melbourne VIC Australia, and gets to know the locals

Dear Ian: Finally getting around to dropping a note to say how much I enjoyed a 6 week housesit in Melbourne through Housecarers and to thank you for providing this website.

I live in Calgary, Alberta and guess I'd say my main reason for housesitting is to get out of the cold weather in winter.

Getting to know 'the locals' wherever you go is an added bonus . . . hopefully you'll 'click' (have enough 'common
ground') to make it a very enjoyable experience . . . which happened with Carmel in Melbourne.

Am thinking that I'm interested in applying for housesits required in California which would be closer to get to from Canada, but haven't got around to updating my housecarers site as yet.

Thanks again for providing the website and look forward to more enjoyable 'sits'.

.. Lona..(nina49)
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It is all about Connections. NZ Auckland couple housesit around the Globe with free accommodation. Housecarers makes the world smaller, and helps enrich retirement years.

We have had housesits in Idaho, Colorado, Las Vegas, Arizona, Oregon a couple of years ago. This year we are in Tennessee, and again in Arizona for the same couple. We have also had sits in New South Wales, Queensland and Northern Territory in Australia, and some in the North Island of New Zealand. We live in Auckland.

When we retired from running our own business, found life rather mundane and boring, so really enjoyed organising the pet sits. We had just moved into an apartment and could not have a pet of our own, so another reason as it allowed us to look after other peoples animals. And we enjoy travelling the world and meeting new people and the costs are kept down by staying in people's homes.

We have recently organised a good pet sit in the US and we are returning to a previous pet sit we did three years ago. So it is going really well. We do enjoy meeting the people and their pets. And it seems they are equally as pleased with us as we are with them.... forrys

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Viva123 finds dogsitter for - THE best location! Village atmosphere! Close parks & Harbour! Balmain, Sydney . Immaculate home in whisper quiet spot with views of Mort Bay and the harbour bridge

I recently used your service and found a very nice couple who will dog-sit for me for two weeks in April. I received very positive responses to my ad and thank you for your service... Viva123

Suit mature age ( preferably retired) active couple who are looking for a nice relaxed break in the big smoke, plenty of time to see the sights and enjoy the unique village atmosphere of cafes & boutique shopping that Balmain has to offer cl to ferry, lots of pretty parks & local walks - all along waterfront areas. The house has all mod cons / immaculate condition. One woofa to look after...

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Teacher Kate Saves on Rent and Improves her Health with Coastal Housesits - Real Stories from the World of House Sitting

I have been successful through applying for two house-sits so far on this site.

Ian Housecarers: Thanks for the feedback. All the best with your applications Where have the housesits been? Out of interest what is your main reason /s for housesitting?

The housesits have been in Calliope near Gladstone, Qld and one coming up in Elliott heads for 5 months near Bundaberg. We were chosen out of 28 applicants for that one and 10 for the other one.

We are housesitting as we couldn't sell our house and have rented it out and wanted to live near the coast for awhile for health reasons as I had pneumonia last year. We also want to save some money when we get to Bundaberg for further travels and housesitting will help a lot in that regard.
Kate ... Bala10

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Christchurch NZ family return from first Stress Free holiday in 15 years, to Pets in better condition, House in better shape, and Dinner and a bottle of Wine from their Housesitters

What an awesome awesome service!

We came home after 3 weeks in Europe to animals that were in better condition than we left them! Our house was in better shape than we left it! Dinner in the oven and a bottle of wine from our sitters.

Our holiday was the first stress free in 15 years! I am recommending this site to friends ALL over the world. Job well done - thank you Barbara & Bill! (Jobella)

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Sacramento homeowner appreciates being able to leave pets for vacation to Mexico with relatives

I did what you suggested and responded to all, letting them know I selected the first responders. Then I cancelled the ad. This is such a wonderful service. Just want you to know how much it is appreciated! Thank you so much.... Pgray1

What a pleasant place to have a break .... "We live within walking distance of a lovely park (William Land Park) with a golf course and zoo. We're close to downtown Sacramento with its historic capitol (interesting to tour) and Old Sacramento and the river with the Delta Queen hotel/restaurant. There is a nice coffee/pastry/sandwich shop and a brand new Sprouts Market within walking distance. The back yard of our home is very pleasant with a nice swing out back, and the weather should be very nice during May."

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Real Stories - Why we housesit? - Being given holiday options that we would never even normally contemplate, or as above, you cannot find that in a travel book. But housecarers - yes.

We are doing a house-sit in January 2013 for 17 days. Did a house-sit in Mornington, Melbourne in middle of last year for 3 weeks and really enjoyed.

Housecarers: Great news about the housesit. Where is the next one located? If is always good to hear stories like yours. What are the main reasons for you housesitting?

Our next housesit is located in Giru, on a small farm in Queensland. We are city people but are really looking forward to looking after the farm and animals. It is quite rural. Being city people we asked if the bus stops near to the house/farm and they wrote back and told us they were rural andthe bus didn't stop nearby. Of course not. Lesson number one. But - they are letting us use their car! It's looking after geese, chooks, dogs, cats, and a small bird that likes to sit on your shoulder. On a mango farm.

The main reasons for house-sitting are:
No. 1 - Being given holiday options that we would never even normally contemplate, or as above, you cannot find that in a travel book. But housecarers - yes.

We would never have gone to lovely Mornington only for housecarers, and met such a nice lady who owns the house. Plus we were near our grandchildren.

No. 2 - And of course it is not an expensive holiday. We do have to pay to get from Perth to over East, but we do have an option of house-sitting in WA, such as Bunbury, Geraldton, etc. which we might do some time. We would have transport then.
Dale & Lance ... Username Luckyas

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Active Retired Canadian couple find world-wide adventure, new places, a 'home' to live in rather than a hotel, immerse themselves in the local culture, make new friends, and get their 'pet fix'

We had a great house sit for 2 months in Australia from one of our applications and had to turn down 2 others that came at the same time. We love reading the notifications and hopefully will have more house sits in the future. We have also recommended to many of our friends.

Housecarers: Great news about the housesit - where was it?

The house sit was in a suburb of Brisbane, Australia called Manly West. It was a very nice house with a pool. We looked after the house and their lovely female dalmatian.

We spent a few days with the family before they left on an extended tour of Europe. During that time, they introduced us to their neighbours. Everyone was friendly and we made new friends. At the end of our stay, the owners even arranged for us to visit their parents.....a great place to go out to the Great Barrier Reef.

Housecarers: What is your main reason for House sitting?

My husband and I primarily live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, however, since my mother passed away three years ago, my father chooses to also live here. That necessitates us going to just outside of Victoria, British Columbia to look after his property in the summer (not a hardship!).

We look at house sits wherever....however prefer those outside of Canada and the US. Why do we like house sits.....adventure, new places, having a 'home' to live in rather than a hotel, to immerse ourselves in the local culture and to make new friends. We do not own any pets (although we both have done so), so get our 'pet fix' sometimes through house sits. Who could ask for more!..... Margaret, 2iscompany2

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Washington Homeowner Reunites with friend lost 20 years ago - It is a Small Housecarers Housesitting World

Ian and staff, I just wanted to thank you for your valuable service.

You might like to know that of the team of housesitters I chose, one of the women turned out to be (though this was not known when I chose them) a friend I had not seen in over 20 years, who is moving to the same apartment building as my friend who I usually ask to watch my pets when I'm away on short trips.

How ironic that an internet site based in Australia would reunite me with my old friend.

Anita (OrcasLeigh - Washington - housesitter required profile)

Housesitter and Author, AussieWendy aka IrishRover wandering the World for 10 years house sitting

Many thanks for passing on the query from Glen McPhee, a distant relative who was trying to reconnect with me. You found the right Wendy Mills.

I am still wandering the world housesitting. I have just done sits in Scotland, Yorkshire, Wales, and now in Sweden for three months. I still love this after ten years.

I have not been able to find a publisher for my 'How To' book on Housesitting, which is disappointing, becausd I tell at least three people every day about what I do, and pass on your web site. If you have any bright ideas about publishing, I'd love to hear from you.

Thank you for your help,... AussieWendy

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South East London homeowner returns to spotless house and 4 happy cats

I would like to leave feedback for house sitter username Woodvale.

"I’ve recently selected House sitter, username Woodvale to look after my house and four cats while I was on holiday and I was extremely pleased with the quality of service received. Woodvale is reliable, professional and extremely tidy.

I have used several times as I travel frequently and Woodvale has proved to be the best housesitter so far ­ Upon my return home I was delighted with the condition of my house: it was a pleasure to return from vacation and find a spotless house and 4 happy cats. Woodvale is a keen animal lover and took great care of my pets.

Letting someone you don't know into your home to look after can be unsettling and I highly recommend Woodvale for providing me with peace of mind."

Thanks again and best wishes,
Silvia (username silviam)

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Housecarers Ed: Semi-retired Housesitter Woodvale is an active woman in very good health, and visits London twice a year for stays of a few weeks to spend time with her daughter's family.

Homeowners find fabulous Simple Solution (for the fourth time) to commom pet/home owner Dilema for their home near Historic Goldmining towns, Traralgon, Gippsland VIC

Thankyou so much for this fabulous service!!!!

We have now arranged our ... 4th! ... sitter through this service. All have been fantastic and we look forward to our newest sitter caring for our house and animals.How wonderful to be able to go on a trip and know your home is safe and in good hands and your pets are getting the love and attention they are used to receiving. and its all so simple to do.

THANKYOU.... username Setabnor

House Sitter found for housesit Historic Traralgon, Gippsland VIC

History and attractions of Traralgon

House Sitting Artist's Life is changed through Housesitting - and finds a new Freedom through nomadic Lifestyle

I have found your site incredibly effective. Your automatic notifications are excellent. It has changed our lives and given us a new freedom through house sitting. We never were materialistic people and this allows us to live a nomadic lifestyle as well as contributing through caring for someone else's possessions and pets.

The housesits include - 2 in Canberra for 7 weeks, 2 out near Wagga for a total of 9 months (on beautiful properties)We had other choices also.

Thanks again, your site is very well designed

Thanks Colin

PS Please have a look at my main site and be very tempted
Some of Colin's Work

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Homeowners from Historic, St Augustine (oldest city in USA) Florida find fabulous, immaculate house sitters.

This is a wonderful service. My husband and I have used it twice and have had excellent results. Most recently we hadTom & Judy - House sitters' Username Handynhearty stay in our home in St. Augustine, Fl. for two weeks.

Ed: Historic St. Augustine is the oldest city in United States

They were fabulous and loved St. Augustine so much they are thinking of moving here. They left before we arrived back home but left the house in immaculate shape and also left a wonderful note. I would highly recommend them as house sitters.

We hope we see them again in St. Augustine, possibly as neighbors. Thanks so much Tom & Judy!

... Judith

Profile for Homeowners judith349 Housesit filled - The Shores, St. Augustine, Florida

Winterize house? - a lot of work - see article below - better get a housesitter

There is a lot of work in preparing a house to be empty - eg Going to Florida... better solution get a House Sitter... Added security ... and what if a pipe bursts, while you are sunning in Florida - the sitter will be on hand.


Retired House Sitter NiftyNana sees interesting places across Australia, while Writing

My House-sits have been the best experience & I have made new friends as a result. My first was at Glenugie NSW near Grafton on 25 acres for 2 months, next Kooralbyn on the Scenic Rim there for 5 weeks, after that Townsville for 3.5 weeks, Kingscliffe for 1 week, then Blackbutt, Newcastle coming up. During May, June & part of July I'm house-sitting for friends in NZ. So nothing planned after that, I don't want to commit too far ahead.

My reasons for wanting this experience are.... I am now retired, so free to get about & see other places which are of interest to me, also I do a bit of writing so I'm not bothered by all the distractions of being at home.

The great thing for me is that I don't need to do this for financial reasons ., therefore I go when & where I choose, & really appreciate my home more when I return.

I find the home owners are so grateful & accommodating which in itself is rewarding & I feel I'm providing a service, to me it is a reciprocal arrangement that benefits both parties.

Ruth (NiftyNanna)

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Rotorua, NZ homeowners returns to spotless home, cats all happy, and extra plants in the garden

Thank you so much for your service.

I had House sitters Jocelyn - J552712 (retired New Zealand couple) Stay and take care of my home which included my 3 cats and 3 gold fish.

What a wonderful lady so caring and spotless. I cant say enought about Jocelyn.

If anyone is wanting a house sitter Jocelyn is the one to have.
This was my first time using a house sitter and would gladly use her again.

I came home after being away for nearly a month to find a spotless home cats all happy and extra plants in the garden. I can see she puts a lot of care into her work.

Once again thanks so much Jocelyn I would be very happy to give this lady a glowing reference anytime.

... Fluffydowns - Rotorua NZ

House Sitter filled ad for Rotorua Homeonwer Fluffydowns